Friday, October 18, 2013

Mrs M's Cute Family!

Three of my kids have been BLESSED to have Mrs. M as their Kindergarten teacher.  And she is the best.  She gave my kids such a great start in their education and most importantly - helped them to feel important and loved!  

I loved the opportunity to spend time with HER family and capture their love for one another.  Such a great family!

Now that my youngest is in first grade, I'm really hoping the Mrs. M decides she wants to start teaching another grade so we can have her again! :)  We sure do love her!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chloe Turns 8!

Chloe is turning 8, and in this house, it's quite a big deal!

 Yes, she DOES get to go on a special date with mom, dad and her best friend.  She is choosing where to eat dinner, we will do a little shopping, and she can FINALLY get her ears pierced.  But something much more important is about to happen.  

Something that will hopefully change the course of her life.  Forever.

 You see, we are LDS.  And we believe that at age 8, one is finally old enough to be accountable for the choices they make.  And that's why it's not until the age of 8 that one can choose to be baptized.
 So we decided to head to the Gilbert temple for her little baptism shoot.  The temple won't be completed until early next year, but I love it in the background of these photos.  And I love that ALL of my children will get the chance to walk through the temple when it opens so they can see the beauty within.  

When a Mormon temple is built there is a period of time where it is open to the public.  Everyone is invited to come and walk through it and learn about the work that goes on in the temples.

After it is dedicated, it is a sacred place to worship for those who are able to enter.

I have been inside several temples, and there is a peace there that cannot be felt anywhere else on earth.  I feel closer to heaven, and to my Heavenly Father, inside of these temples.  And I can't wait for my family to walk through it together and experience the spirit that is felt there!

And when you are married in the temple, you are not married just until "death do you part."  You are sealed together for time and all eternity.   

 And baptism is the first step in being able to go to the temple one day.  
So I couldn't be prouder of Chloe and the decision she has made to be baptized on Oct 12th

I sure love this little beauty!