Saturday, April 2, 2016

All American Seniors!

Sometimes I show up for a photo shoot and when I meet the family for the first time, I instantly feel like we are friends.  This is how I felt when meeting these darling twins and their cute momma.  Brother and sister couldn't have been any cuter, but what I loved most was their relationship with each other.  So sweet!  Loved that we got to capture the above photo on their school football field.  She lettered in Cheer and he lettered in Track.  

I almost wanted to cry FOR their mom when I found out they were her two youngest of four children.  Her babies are going to be leaving the nest.  I know how quickly it seems my own kids are growing up and I can only imagine how she must feel that her babies are almost done with school.  

Try and savor each moment.  I remember when I had babies, other moms would tell me that they will grow up in the blink of an eye.  It's hard to believe when you're a sleep deprived mom with a newborn.  But now that my oldest is 15 I know it's true.  And I'm trying to hang on to every minute with her and my other kids before I'm taking THEIR senior photos.

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